Welcome to Tolkative!

My name is Jack Mazor, the Owner and Manager of Tolkative.

Tolkative is an interpretation agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce.

The company name Tolkative is a combination of the two words Tolk – which is the Dutch word for interpreter and Talkative.

Tolkative offers interpretation services in the language combinations Dutch<>Spanish and English<>Spanish.

Sworn interpretation services are (only) offered in the language combination Dutch<>Spanish.

Tolkative/Jack Mazor is listed in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators of the Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice, managed by the Bureau for Sworn Interpreters and Translators: Rbtv. Registration in the Register is subject to certain quality and integrity conditions.

The different interpretations techniques used by Tolkative are:

  • Whispering interpretations (simultaneous)
  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous


Tolkative is pleased to provide the following services:

  • Legal interpretations, for example at Court, the sollicitor’s or notary’s office;
  • Social and medical interpretations for example at hospitals, youth care agencies, schools;
  • Cultural interpretations (e.g. film festivals);
  • Interpretations for companies and NGOs during meetings and conventions, courses, trade missions, and workshops;
  • Telephone/skype and conference call interpretations;
  • Interpretations needed for various other reasons, and sometimes on an urgent basis.

About Jack Mazor

My mother tongue is Dutch. Regarding my Spanish: I have lived and traveled in both Spain and Latin-America. I can work with most of the different Spanish accents, ranging from e.g. Andalusian-Spanish to Chilean, Argentinian, Colombian, Costa Rican and Mexican. Regarding my English: I have a broad background and extensive experience in international sales and trade. Because of this, I can offer this additional expertise in business and sales-oriented assignments. If you wish to learn more about me, please visit my LinkedIn page.

Education, qualifications and additional background information

  • University of Ghent, Belgium, post-graduate studies in simultaneous conference interpretation Dutch<>Spanish;
  • Interpretation studies in Dutch<> Spanish at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, The Netherlands (ITV-Hogeschool);
  • European Studies, Master of Arts, University of Amsterdam (Majors: Spanish and European Economic Relations)


The rate for the interpretation services provided by Tolkative starts at € 90.00 per hour (minimum). Fees are charged based on the following formula: the first hour we charge € 90.00. After the first hour, fees are charged by half an hour on a flat rate of € 90.00 / 30 minutes. All rates are exclusive of 21% VAT (value added tax) and traveling cost. Rates are discussed and agreed upon with the client before Tolkative initiates its services. For interpretation assignments carried out after 18:00 hours, during weekends and festive days, a surcharge will apply.

Do you need more information?

In case you would like additional information about Tolkative and our services, or need a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact Tolkative by either filling in the contact form, by calling: +31 6 1385 5491, or by sending an email to: J.Mazor[at]tolkative.eu.

I look forward to working with you soon, and thank you for your interest in Tolkative!